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Information on the processing of personal data


Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entity «Arctida» the Organization registered under the laws of Georgia with ID N 445667680 (hereinafter referred to as the «Administrator» or, «We») is the possessor of this website.


We will retrieve your personal data during the period of service provided to you, and subsequently use the various purposes described below. The processing of information by us is not intended to harm your interests or breach your rights. We collect, process, and disseminate your personal data in order to provide you with personal, on-the-job experience while on the site, and to provide you with information suited on your interests.

The purpose of analyzing your actions on our site is to constantly update the website to make it easier for users to navigate and find the information they want. Also identify the products and services you are interested in and provide more information about them.


Your Personal information can be obtained from the sources provided to us by you in the following cases:

  • If you confirm this Privacy Policy and agree to the terms of use of the Website
  • If you register on the website
  • If you contact us to receive our products or services
  • If you use this website from the technical devices
  • If you communicate with us in any form


These are small text files that store information in your browser and are commonly used to distinguish individual users. Cookies can be imagined as the memory of a website, which help recognize a device, the next time they visit. However, the person using the device is not identifiable on the basis of this information. Cookies take up almost no space on your computer's disk; their size is usually several kilobytes. Cookies are not used to obtain any sensitive personal data. Standard web browsers support cookie management. For more detailed information, please use the help of your browser. If your browser allows the use of cookies, we will assume that you agree to the use of standard cookies by our servers.

We do not use cookie files and user-generated data to collect personal information. However, the collection of cookies may be considered as the processing of personal data. Such processing is possible on the basis of a legal reason - the legitimate interest of the Administrator and is allowed by Article 6, paragraph 1, letter (f) Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter Ordinance”) and Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection.

The website can also be used in a mode that does not allow the collection of data on the behaviour of website visitors - this mode can be set either in the browser settings, or it is possible to raise an objection to such collection based on the legitimate interest of Joint Administrators. Contact address Your dispute will then be evaluated immediately, no later than 30 days after receipt. Cookies necessary for the functionality of the website will be kept only for the time necessary for the functioning of the website.

If you want to restrict cookie files or block them on our website, you can do so by changing your browser settings. If you object to the processing of technical cookies necessary for the functioning of the website, then the full functionality and compatibility of the website cannot be guaranteed.

Cookies, which are collected for the purpose of measuring website traffic and generating statistics regarding traffic and behaviour of visitors to the website, are assessed in the form of a bulk unit and pseudonymized form, which allows individual identification only with considerable and professional effort.

Advertising targeting cookies (marketing cookies) are processed on the basis of your consent. You give your consent for the period specified below for marketing cookies. Consent to the collection of cookie data for marketing purposes can be withdrawn at any time by changing the settings of the relevant Internet browser. See the end of this document for more information on this option.

The collected cookies may be processed by other processors: Google Inc., Facebook and external suppliers of IT services.


The cookies used on our website can be divided into two basic types in terms of their lifespan. Short-term, so-called "session cookies", which are only temporary and remain stored in your browser only until you close the browser, and long-term, so-called "persistent cookies", which remain stored on your device for much longer or until you manually delete it (the time the cookies are left on your device depends on the cookie settings themselves and your browser settings).

In terms of the function that each cookie performs, the cookie can be divided into:

  • conversion, which allow us to analyze the performance of different sales channels
  • tracking, which in combination with conversion helps to analyze the performance of various sales channels
  • marketing, which we use to personalize the content of ads and their proper targeting and remarketing (or retargeting)
  • analytics that help us increase the user comfort of our site by understanding how users use it
  • necessary, which are important for the basic functionality of the site

Some cookies may collect information which is subsequently used by third parties and which, for example, directly supports our advertising activities (so-called "third party cookies"). For example, information about products purchased by visitors to our site may be displayed by an advertising agency so that we can better tailor the display of online advertising banners on the websites you view. However, you cannot be identified from this information.

The following cookies are used on our website:

  • Important cookies - kept only for the time necessary for the functioning of the website. They allow you to navigate the website and use all its features.
  • Functional cookies - They record information about the choices you made.
  • Analytical cookies - They help improve website performance.
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Awards
  • Marketing cookies - They are used to display relevant and personalised advertising offers on social networks.
  • Facebook


It's all about setting up your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept  cookies by default. You can use your web browser to reject cookies or set the use of only certain cookies.

You can find information about browsers and how to set preferences for cookies on the following websites:


By accessing and/or registering on this website, we may use a variety of personal information, such as:

  • Contact information (name, identification number, phone number, e-mail address, residence address, photo)
  • Location information (data about the location of the user, which we obtain through the phone, computer or the device through which it enters our site and uses various services)
  • Behavioral information (detailed information on how our service is used)
  • Technical information (information about the devices and technology used by you)


By accessing and using the Site, you agree to our processing, storage, use of your personal data for the purposes listed above and, if necessary, the transfer to a third party in accordance with the terms of this policy.

You and your personal data are protected by the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection. Under the law, you have the right to request information about the processing of your data. You have the right to receive the following information:

  • Which data is being processed about you
  • The purpose of data processing
  • Legal basis for data processing
  • How your data was collected
  • To whom your data was transferred
  • Basis and purpose of data issuance
  • Request a copy of the information we process

In addition to all of the above, you have the right to request that your personal data collected by us be corrected, updated, added, blocked, deleted or destroyed if they are incomplete, inaccurate, not updated or if they were collected and processed against the law.


When you register on this website, you provide us with personal information such as your full name; Company name in case; Email and phone number.

When we process your personal data, we are guided by the legislation of Georgia on personal data protection.

By filling in the fields required for registration, you agree to the possibility of us processing and presenting this personal data for direct marketing purposes. With direct marketing, you may receive messages from us about our various types of services.

At any time, you are authorized to refuse to receive such messages after which we will stop using your data for direct marketing purposes.

The information provided to us during the registration process is stored with us as long as your registration is active and within 7 years of its cancellation. You have the right at any time to request the cancellation of the account created during registration on the website by contacting us.

The purposes and conditions of our processing of your personal data are set out in the Privacy Policy posted on this website, which you may view at any time.

The above Privacy Policy and its Terms are automatically verified by you in the process of using our Website and registering on the Website.


We store your personal data, such as cookies, in the manner and for the time specified in this policy. As for the information provided to us when registering on the Website, this data is stored in our database for up to 7 years before the cancellation of registration and the cancellation of registration.

In order to confirm the obligations defined by the legislation

  • In order to confirm the fulfillment of the obligations before you
  • In the presence of complaints to protect our rights